Sherri Dietz Tanner - Owner - LMT
PA License #: MSG002021

Sherri Tanner LMT

Sherri Dietz Tanner, Owner, and Licensed Massage Therapist has a passion for helping others not just through massage therapy but by working with other massage therapists. Her mission for the business is to educate and inspire people from all walks of life, to invest in their health and well-being through exceptional massage therapy services. She has opened her practice to other massage therapists to help ensure existing and new clients have access to exceptional massage therapy services. She hopes more people will take advantage of the services offered here and discover the relief and comfort that comes from the art of massage therapy.


Tiffany Luckabaugh - LMT
PA License #: MSG013827

Tiffany Luckabaugh LMT

Hi, my name if Tiffany and I graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College in 2020. I have learned Swedish, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, and Connective Tissue massage. I took an interest in the human body as a photographer, doing boudoir photography. My goal as a photographer was to help people feel their best and help them realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I decided to get into Massage Therapy to help my clients feel even more of a self-worth.

While in school, I realized that the body can truly heal itself if given time to get back into a way of balance. Not only physically releasing tension, but also emotionally releasing to heal the mind. Having a positive touch has really made me believe that I am in the right place at this time in my life to help people reconnect with themselves. When entering my sessions they will be client-centered and it's your time to relax and feel good about yourself!


Dakota Lauer - LMT
PA License #: MSG014503

I graduated from Lancaster School of Cosmetology & Therapeutic Bodywork in 2021. Having five plus years in a hospital, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge of the body and how it works. Also being an empath and healer, I take into account the mental/emotional side of healing as well as physical.

My main focus is to combine both mental and physical knowledge to give my clients the best massage sessions as possible. I help my clients understand how their body works and how to relieve stress and tension to take better care of themselves.