Sherri Tanner, Owner, and Licensed Massage Therapist has a passion for helping others not just through massage therapy but by working with other massage therapists. Although she has needed to take a step back from doing full-time hands-on massage therapy she is still passionate about massage and helping others. She continues to follow the mission of the business to educate and inspire people from all walks of life, to invest in their health and well-being through exceptional massage therapy services. She has opened her practice to another independent massage therapist to help ensure existing and new clients have access to exceptional massage therapy services. As a result, our practice has grown and we have added new massage therapists to help with the massage needs in the community. Please check out staff profiles and see which therapist may be a good fit for your massage needs. Sherri had been working in the field of massage therapy since her graduation from YTI Career Institute in 2007. She initially performed massage therapy at a holistic drug and alcohol rehab for 3-1/2 years. While the opportunity to help those struggling with addiction was exceptional, she decided to shift direction. She had a desire to broaden her reach, helping others, including those with acute physical ailments, or individuals in need of relief from minor daily discomforts. She began her own practice and feels truly blessed to have worked in this field, making a difference for others. She hopes others will take advantage of the new massage therapists and the skills and services they bring to each client.